Murder Mystery Party in Boston
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Boston’s Experts in Mystery Entertainment

We offer interactive mystery theater that is perfect for your upcoming office party or celebration. Plot a murder mystery party in Boston with us that your guests will love!

Host a Murder Mystery Party

You can throw more than just a tea party in Boston, why not plot a crime scene with the mystery experts from The Murder Mystery Company in Boston? Our professionally trained performers are ready and waiting to transform your next event into a thrilling, interactive mystery experience, where you get to be the sleuths and suspects and solve a crime with us!

Start plotting the murder of the year, er, we mean the party of the year, by choosing one of our murderously fun themed mystery shows, and create a crime scene that is perfect for your event. Then team up with your on call Crime Scene Coordinator to put all the finishing touches on it, and get ready to solve a murder mystery party in Boston with us, Clue style!

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The Murder Mystery Company in Boston

Boston is one of the first cities The Murder Mystery Company came to when we were created, and we’ve held a steadfast grip, providing people with the best interactive murder mystery parties Boston has to offer. Nothing makes us happier than turning your event into a killer crime scene, and thrilling your guests with all the mystery and mayhem they can handle. We love solving crimes with you, Boston!

The Best of the Best

We aren’t kidding around when we say we’re the best, we take it as seriously as murder to make sure every show we do is the best it can be for our customers. To do this we use our special training tool called The GRIMprov Method of acting training, and we put each of our performers through this training so we can guarantee your murder mystery party in Boston will be completely killer from beginning to end.

To find out more about the precision of our actor training, check out this video: